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Shelby Fisher joins the team at the EG Eagle and Wright County newspaper

Shelby Fisher is anxious to get involved in helping you achieve your marketing goals - on-line, in print, or promotional material. Photo by Kim Demory

Although Shelby Fisher has lived in Eagle Grove for about a year, she is new to the Eagle Grove Eagle newspaper team, and we’re excited to introduce her around. In this role, Fisher will also be serving our sister newspaper, the Wright County Monitor.

Fisher is a graduate of Ames High School and the University of Iowa, and is now proud to say an Eagle Grove resident. She said it was the location of her mom and step-dad that brought her to this area while she searched for a job in the publishing industry. When the marketing consultant position opened at the hometown newspaper, she knew it was the career path she had been searching for.

“It’s an opportunity not only to learn more about the communities, but to also get to know people here better,” Fisher said of accepting the position. “When I saw it advertised, I could easily imagine myself working in this job.”

Fisher’s first day as part of the Eagle Grove Eagle and Wright County Monitor team was Thursday, July 19.

“As a young professional, I believe I can bring new ideas, enthusiasm, and an optimistic belief in what advertisers and the communities can achieve,” she said. “I think the businesses have untapped potential...It’s not just about sales, it’s about building relationships and a rapport with them.”

Fisher said one of her first objectives is helping our local businesses and communities appeal more to young professionals. She noted how there were certain things she was looking for when she moved to the area. Some of those things she didn’t realize were here until after she had been part of the community for awhile and discovered either by accident or meeting people who knew about it. Her goal is to help the businesses and the communities market themselves in a way that will capture the attention of people who are completely unfamiliar with all the amenities our two communities have to offer.

“My generation wants to stay up-to-date, get involved, and help out. But, we need to be given the resources first. We need to re-emphasize the opportunities in the community (be it shopping or volunteering)...and not just hanging posters in a window.”

Fisher added that she hopes to prove how important it is to spread your marketing dollars around. Whether you’re a business owner or organizing a onetime event and you need to get the word out, as part of the Eagle Grove Eagle/ Wright County Monitor team, she can help you find what works best for you. As part of the MidAmerica Publishing family, Fisher can help you with both your print and on-line presence. She is excited to say she can also help you create the perfect business cards, mailers, brochures, car magnets...if you can imagine it, she’s ready to do everything she can to help you achieve it.

Fisher is excited about her new opportunity as the Eagle Grove Eagle marketing consultant, as well as making Eagle Grove her home.

“Eagle Grove has such a friendly atmosphere...It’s kind of inspiring in its ability to welcome you and draw you in. Everyone I have met has been so nice,” said Fisher. “Eagle Grove has that small-town magic about it. The people are passionate here about what they do and I respect that...It’s truly life-fulfilling.” In her free time, Fisher’s true passion is reading.

“I’m a huge, huge book lover. I’m always carrying a book with me. I’ve been known to go on road trips just to go to a book store,” she said happily. “I also love exploring new things and places, even if it’s right here in town.”

With that in mind, it should be no surprise that Fisher has found her calling at The Eagle Grove Eagle and Wright County Monitor and is truly looking forward to helping you discover something new in your marketing approach.

“Prestage is an opportunity for growth in our area and it’s a great chance to think about what direction businesses want to go, grow, and sell ourselves as a community that’s not only worth coming to for a visit, but worth staying for,” said Fisher.